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BRC-20 Update

1. Executive Summary

The future applications and viability of BRC20 remain uncertain. Decreased community enthusiasm may lead to a potential decline in meme tokens such as PUPS and SATS, reflecting reduced market confidence.

2. Unveiling the Potential of BRC-20 Tokens: Innovation on the Bitcoin Blockchain

Bitcoin, the pioneering cryptocurrency, revolutionized digital payments but has limitations for creating and utilizing fungible tokens. Enter BRC-20, a novel standard enabling the creation of tokens directly on the Bitcoin blockchain. This opens doors for a wider range of applications and functionalities within the Bitcoin ecosystem. While BRC-20 presents a nascent technology, its potential to unlock innovation makes it a high-risk, high-reward investment opportunity for those seeking exposure to the future of Bitcoin.

3. BRC-20: A Springboard for Innovation on Bitcoin

BRC-20 acts as a bridge, unlocking a new era of functionality for the Bitcoin network. Here’s how:

  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi): BRC-20 paves the way for DeFi applications on Bitcoin. Similar to Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard, BRC-20 allows the creation of fungible tokens, the building blocks for lending, borrowing, and other DeFi services. This could transform Bitcoin from a simple store of value into a dynamic platform for financial innovation.
  • Fungible Tokens and Stablecoins: BRC-20 facilitates the creation of fungible tokens like stablecoins. These tokens, pegged to real-world assets like the US dollar, offer price stability within the Bitcoin ecosystem. This could attract new users seeking to avoid the volatility associated with Bitcoin while still benefiting from the security of the network.
  • Expanded Use Cases: BRC-20 broadens the horizons of the Bitcoin network. Imagine loyalty programs, tokenized securities, or even in-game currencies built on Bitcoin. BRC-20 opens doors for these possibilities, potentially increasing the utility and overall value of the Bitcoin network.
  • Developer and Token Creator Benefits: BRC-20 offers a standardized framework for developers to create and deploy tokens on Bitcoin. This simplifies token creation and fosters innovation within the ecosystem. Additionally, token creators benefit from the inherent security and widespread adoption of the Bitcoin network.

4. Disadvantages of BRC-20 Tokens

Experimental Nature: The BRC-20 token standard is currently in its nascent stages of development and has yet to be tested in real-world applications. This preliminary phase signifies that the protocol lacks extensive use cases, inherently categorizing it as a high-risk, high-return investment. Potential investors should be aware of the speculative nature of this technology as it may entail significant volatility and uncertainty.

Scalability Limitations: The scalability of the BRC-20 may be constrained by the inherent scalability issues of the Bitcoin network, given that BRC-20 does not yet support smart contracts. This limitation could affect the ability of BRC-20 tokens to perform efficiently at scale, potentially restricting their adoption and utility in broader applications. Investors considering BRC-20 tokens must evaluate these scalability challenges, as they could impact the performance and future growth of these assets.

Outstanding Number

The transaction volume and fees associated with BRC-20, when compared to the total $BTC fees of 4,978k, are notably impressive and demonstrate consistent growth.

BRC-20 Story
Source: Dune

Since April 11, there has been a significant reduction in the volume of inscription transfers.

BRC-20 Inscription Transfer
Source: Dune

Since April 11, there has been a substantial reduction in the number of tokens minted, indicating a significant decrease in token production.

BRC-20 Mint
Source: Dune

As of April 14th, BRC-20 has exhibited diminished momentum and reduced investor enthusiasm, signaling a heightened risk of a potential downturn, which could significantly impact investors.

The total number of tokens on the BRC-20 platform has risen to 808, although the market cap has declined to USD 2,436 million. Notably, PUPS, a meme token, has doubled in value since its listing, becoming the third largest by market cap.

Source: BRC-20

5. Noteworthy Projects

Currently, Ordi ($ORDI) and Sats ($SATS) are the two tokens with the largest market capitalizations in the BRC-20 trend, leading the charge in this area. Below, we provide an overview of some projects on the Centralized Exchange (CEX):

1/ Ordi ($ORDI)

– Price: $41.88

– Market Cap: $883M

– Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV): $883M

– Total Supply: 21M

– Circulating Supply: 21M

– 24h Volume: $154M

– Project Overview: Ordinals is a protocol that facilitates the embedding of inscriptions—ranging from text and images to audio and video—directly onto satoshis, Bitcoin’s smallest unit. With 2,100 trillion satoshis available, this method enables extensive data storage on the Bitcoin blockchain without requiring additional tokens, side chains, or modifications to Bitcoin. Given the block size constraints, inscriptions primarily manifest as NFTs and tokens featuring text and images.

– Token Use Case: Currently undefined

– Community: Endorsed by prominent influencers including @Cryptopatel, @markjeffrey, and @cryptoposeidonn, this project has gained significant recognition and credibility within the cryptocurrency community.

– Development Team: Casey Rodarmor, UC Berkeley – Bachelor of Computer Science, 128k followers on X.


Increased Adoption of Ordinals NFTs: Ordinals allows for unique, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to be inscribed directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain. If Ordinals NFTs gain wider adoption by artists, collectors, and other users, the demand for Ordi tokens could rise. This is because Ordi plays a role in facilitating these inscriptions and potentially future functionalities within the Ordinals ecosystem.

Expansion of Ordinals Functionality: While Ordinals currently focuses on text and image inscriptions, future developments could allow for more complex data storage. This could include audio, video, or even interactive elements. If Ordinals becomes a platform for diverse data storage on Bitcoin, the utility of the Ordi token could significantly increase.

Integration with Existing NFT Marketplaces: Currently, Ordinals NFTs exist outside mainstream NFT marketplaces. If Ordinals integrates with existing platforms like OpenSea or Rarible, it could expose Ordinals NFTs to a wider audience and potentially increase demand for Ordi tokens.

Important to Consider:

  • Ordinals is a relatively new protocol, and its long-term viability remains to be seen.
  • The Bitcoin network has limited block size, potentially hindering the scalability of Ordinals for extensive data storage.
  • The regulatory landscape surrounding Ordinals and its potential impact on the Bitcoin network is still unclear.

2/ Sats ($SATS)

– Price: $0.0002992

– Market Cap: $627B

– FDV: $627B

– Total Supply: 2.1 trillion tokens

– Circulating Supply: 2.1 trillion tokens

– 24h Volume: $31.86M

– Project Overview: SATS, a BRC-20 token, honors Satoshi Nakamoto by representing the smallest Bitcoin unit, the satoshi, equivalent to 0.00000001 BTC. Notably, this meme token was created by an anonymous team. Additionally, 1000SATS denotes a quantity 1000 times that of SATS.

– Token Use Case: Reward token for the Ordinal Error Reward Program and transaction fees on Unisat, a decentralized finance protocol enabling the exchange of BRC-20 tokens.

– Community: Heavily promoted by Chinese influencers

– Development Team: Anonymous


Increased Bitcoin Adoption: Broader adoption of Bitcoin could lead to increased demand for SATS, as it offers a more affordable way to invest in Bitcoin.

Meme Token Popularity: The meme token aspect of SATS could attract a larger user base interested in the social and cultural aspects of the cryptocurrency. Meme tokens often gain popularity through social media and community engagement. A strong community behind SATS could drive its price up.

Important to Consider:

Anonymous development team: The fact that the development team behind SATS is anonymous raises a red flag. Anonymous teams are generally less accountable and more likely to engage in a rug pull, which is when they abandon the project and steal investor funds.


– Price: $35.39

– Market Cap: $274M

– FDV: $274M

– Total Supply: 7.77M

– Circulating Supply: 7.77M

– 24h Volume: $2.85M

– Project Overview: PUPS is a BRC-20 meme token. PUPS token does not have a detailed, specific development plan but is deployed 100% based on the community. The project team believes that PUPS token will represent the future of meme culture, and digital assets on Bitcoin and demonstrate the solidarity and common vision of global memecoin lovers.

– Community: 39.2K followers on X, Telegram (more than 8.69 members)

– Development Team: Active



The information provided in this article is for reference only and should not be taken as investment advice. All investment decisions should be based on thorough research and personal evaluation.

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