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Introducing BlockBase Ventures APAC Fund: Accelerating Mass Adoption of Blockchain

BlockBase Ventures APAC Fund is an early-stage venture capital fund that aims to promote the mass adoption of blockchain technology. In an era where blockchain has successfully passed its existential test and entered a consolidation period, we realize the potential for a more sustainable growth phase in this transformative industry. Our fund’s unique advantage stems from our success triangles: our focus on blockchain technology, our active venture capital approach, and our home base at the heart of a thriving APAC region.

Blockchain technology has evolved significantly, overcoming initial skepticism and emerging as a game-changer across various sectors. The current landscape is reflecting a more regulated environment, curbing notorious behavior, associated with low-quality projects and funds. Additionally, user interface and experience have greatly improved, potentially making blockchain more accessible to individuals who are not tech-savvy. Moreover, blockchain’s integration with other technological stacks has given rise to innovative solutions that cater to enterprise needs, further enhancing its promise for widespread adoption.

Despite an impending global economic recession, investing in venture capital still presents the best risk-reward ratio compared to other more liquid strategies. BlockBase Ventures APAC Fund employs a strategic focus on sustainable business models with clear paths to profitability. By working directly with corporations, we ensure that our portfolio companies have the support and guidance to achieve long-term success. We also capitalize on distressed opportunities by leveraging a mix of debt and equity, providing a diversified approach to investment. Moreover, our active management approach and value-added services offer unparalleled support to founders, enabling them to navigate challenges and drive growth.

With its headquarters located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, BlockBase thrives in one of the most vibrant and rapidly expanding environments in the APAC region, providing distinctive advantages for both us and our investors. The region boasts a young, tech-savvy population that is increasingly open to blockchain applications, providing a significant opportunity for accelerated adoption. Furthermore, we benefits from a pool of skilled developers who can serve as a cost-effective outsourcing hub to businesses globally. Additionally, the friendly regulatory environment, with governments and corporations embracing digital transformation, provides a favorable landscape for our portfolio companies.

Our team at BlockBase Ventures is characterized by a diverse background. Our partners are techpreneurs, software engineers, and investment experts who bring a range of skills and perspectives to the table. We are driven by a youthful, entrepreneurial spirit and a hunger to make a significant impact in the blockchain and venture capital space.

We believe BlockBase Ventures APAC Fund presents a compelling opportunity for investors seeking exposure to both blockchain and APAC region. With a focus on promoting mass adoption, our fund leverages blockchain technology’s transformative potential. More details about us is available at BlockBase Litedeck. We welcome you to schedule an introductory call at your convenience to explore this exciting opportunity with us.

Thank you for your time and consideration, we look forward to the possibility of working together to drive innovation and shape our future.


Jack Nguyen
Managing Partner
BlockBase Ventures APAC Fund

BlockBase, formerly One Block Labs, is an investment holding company established in 2017 by a team of accomplished blockchain technologists and seasoned financial experts. Our business spans multiple sectors, including Venture Capital, Tech Product Innovation, and Media & Publishing. BlockBase Ventures aims to offer exclusive access to carefully curated investment opportunities in the Blockchain industry.

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