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Binance Launchpool 46th – Pixels

Recently, Binance officially announced its 46th Launchpool project named Pixels – a relatively famous gaming project backed by Sky Mavis, the company behind the Axie Infinity game. Axie Infinity is considered a pioneer project for the GameFi trend during the 2021-2022 period.

The Launchpool event lasted for 10 days starting from February 9. Concurrently, Pixels was also listed on Binance on February 19, 2024, at 10:00 (UTC). At the time of writing, the price of each Pixels token fluctuates around $0.55, after reaching a peak of $0.68. With 15% of the supply unlocked at TGE, Pixel’s market cap reached $430M, with the project’s FDV at approximately $2.8B.

Binance Launchpool 46th Pixels

Source: Binance Announcement

About Pixels

Pixels is a farming role-playing game developed on the Ronin Network – a Blockchain developed by Sky Mavis. In Pixels, users start by farming on their own land, from there beginning to participate in in-game activities and earn income.

Some notable activities in Pixels include:

  • Farming and Processing Ingredients
  • Buying and Managing Land
  • Missions and Social Interactions
  • Resource Gathering and Skill Development
  • Skill Development and Upgrades
Binance Launchpool 46th Pixels

Source: Binance Research

Similar to its predecessor Axie Infinity, Pixels adopts a dual-token economic model. Where:

  • BERRY: A utility token used for in-game rewards. BERRIES can be used to purchase in-game items, unlock capabilities, missions, new areas, etc.
  • PIXEL: A governance token that is also used for various purposes such as buying new land, speeding up construction, restoring energy, upgrading items, and unlocking new blueprints.

About Ronin Network

The Ronin Network ecosystem has seen strong growth since October, with the $RON token experiencing nearly 800% growth from its low of $0.41, largely benefiting from Pixel’s development. As of February 8, 2024, Pixel has over ~150K daily active players and has integrated over 90 other Web3 projects into its gameplay.

Recently, Pixel also announced an airdrop of 20,000,000 PIXEL to $RON stakers. Of this, 10.000.000 PIXEL will be distributed at the time of listing. A minimum stake of 1 $RON gave users 183 $PIXEL. This further encourages investors to hold and stake more $RON for future incentives.

Binance Launchpool 46th Pixels

In the future, the Ronin Network remains fertile ground for gaming projects. Along with the continuous development from Pixels, as well as the backing of the experienced Sky Mavis team in the gaming industry, we can fully expect Pixels to be one of the most notable gaming projects in the coming time.

The information provided in this article is for reference purposes only and should not be considered as investment advice. All investment decisions should be based on thorough research and personal evaluation.

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